About us

23rd Street Body Piercing is unquestionably Oklahoma’s best body piercing studio and one of the respected leaders in the body piercing industry for a few simple reasons;

  • 23rd Street Body Piercing is Oklahoma City's only APP (Association of Professional Piercers) member studio.
  • We meet or exceed the minimum safety standards set by the APP and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • We continue our education on an annual basis, to ensure our client’s health and safety. We only use certified implant grade materials for initial piercings.
  • We won’t just take your money, if a piercing is an unsafe, poor choice for you we will not pierce you. We are not tattoo artists supplementing our income with a piercing or two, we are dedicated to our clients and our industry.

Although there are endless reasons why 23rd Street Body Piercing is your only choice for a clean safe piercing in Oklahoma, we invite you to research our studio and our piercers.  As Oklahoma’s only full service body piercing studio, we are excited to serve you.